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Project Background

In the 1940’s Beautiful House magazine, a map of Synthetica was printed to educate the public about the Synthetic World we were entering.  In the light of the Pacific Garbage Patch, we come to this with a sense of irony!  However, plastics were born in a fervour of excitement.  The end of poverty was anticipated alongside a cessation of exploitation of the natural world (the slaughter of elephants for ivory billiard balls was a major concern). 


Synthetica is a fractured and poetic sung narrative telling a story full of heady discoveries by industrial chemists, consumer crazes fuelled by the dawn of advertising, the facilitation of our easy living, plastics as a massive aid in the face of poverty and the face of environmental catastrophe…....  the light and the dark.   Given these polarities, where are we heading?  The question of plastics touches upon our place in the natural world, our evolution in the digital age and well beyond.  



20:45-21:45, Thursday 8th August 2019

The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London, WC1H 9PY

The Pagoda Project




Recently featured on the Songlines Best of the World album for March 2016

Quip-loving Feastie Boy meets contemporary classicist

Paul Hutchinson, half of the fabulous Belshazzar’s Feast, teams up here with clarinettist Karen Wimhurst from the world of contemporary classical music. Hutchinson writes all but two of the 12 tracks – Wimhurst’s name is on the mellifluous ‘Introduction’ and the closing ‘Wish List’ – on Pagoda, a folk-jazz-classical fusion project. Hutchinson’s accordion and Wimhurst’s bass clarinet improvise from folk melodies as well as adding touches of Balkan-style klezmer on ‘Shipton’, which Hutchinson amusingly notes takes its name from ‘a town in the Cotswolds, which is largely responsible for keeping Farrow & Ball solvent.’

Hutchinson is renowned for his decidedly laconic sense of humour – always on display at any of his shows with Paul Sartin. While there’s plenty of that in his song titles and brief song descriptions, the music itself is beautiful and measured, a real pleasure to settle in and get familiar with. This CD arrived shortly after the horrific attacks in Beirut and Paris, and it proved to be music of calm and balm, bringing a measure of sympathy and healing to a strange and deadly world.

Tim Cumming


Minerva Scientifica

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The Pagoda Project



Freedom, Bread and Peace





  • My new music theatre piece about the entomologist Miriam Rothschild was premiered in Plymouth Nov 13 after a preview at the Royal Entomology conference St. Andrews University.  Tour currently being fixed for 2015 as part of the Minerva Scientifica project, Electric Voice Theatre

Electric Voice Theatre - Minerva Scientifica



Get Up and Tie Your Fingers

  • Touring down the east coast of the UK May – August 2015, this play features a new women’s choir in each venue.  It tells the story of the lives of the ‘herring lassies’ alongside the Eyemouth fishing disaster of 1881.

.   “The style of performance was innovative, not least in the fact that a new category of modern ‘choral theatre’ was forged... The music element stretched everyone involved artistically because of the ambition and intricacy of Karen Wimhurst’s composition...’  The Stage.




  • This is a commission for the InsideOut Festival Sept. 2014 and is a vocal score alongside the sounds of an ashtree, sampled and live.  A collaboration with sound artist and ecologist Adrian Newton and choral leader Kathie Prince. 




  • Recently premiered at the Norwich and Norfolk Festival, this Voice Project extravaganza featured new choral and brass quartet music in the grounds of Holkham Hall North Norfolk.


Freedom, Bread and Peace

  • A music-led multimedia production which charts the rise and fall of European Communism.  To be premiered in the Bournemouth Festival by the Sea October 2014.




'Translated by Reeds'

with Waveney and Blyth Arts




The choir.

Sianed Jones - Karen Wimhurst - Sian Croose - Joanna Guthrie - Richard Mabey

  • Exposure ROH 2011 are featuring some of my work.
  • Just finished a residency at Cecil Sharps House with ballad singer Emily Portman in December.  This piece goes into rehearsal at Halsway Manor Somerset in February with premiere at Corsham Festival May June 23rd.

Premiere June 23rd at the Corsham Festival
Touring Dorset & Somerset October 2011

(To find out more about 'The Fruits of Paradise' click the EcoCentrics link.)

  • Freedom Bread and Peace, (that multi media romp through the rise and fall of Russian and European communism (!)) is coming along.  Watch this space for performance dates! 
  • EcoCentrics is now launched with HOT! Premiered at the Zircus Festival Barrow on Furness July 16th and 17th.  A Tipping Point is booking up across the south west. 
  • Looking forward to collaborating with Sian Croose, Katherine Zeserson, Sianed Jones, Helen Chadwick on a new work celebrating Amnesty’s 50th anniversary.  Premiere with Big Sky on 22 October 2011. 
  • Misbehavin’ have a number of performances coming up this year. 
  • Waveney Arts project is hoping to get underway in the summer and I’m looking forward to revisiting the subject of rivers.