Orchestral and Large Ensemble


2(pic)222/4221/timp.2 perc/str
WP: Welsh National Opera 2008

Alive and Kicking

string orchestra, concertante (, rhythm section(db, kit), 2 narrators (involves some improvising by orchestra and rhythm secction)
WP: conductor Ewa Strusinska, Manchester Camerata, Benjamin Bryant kit, Geth Griffith DB, Manchester youth string orchestras. 2009


Solo accordion, string orchestra, perc(1)
WP: Karen Street accordion, conductor Simon Ible, Ten Tors Orchestra 2009; Chard festival Karen Tweed, Solid Strings 2001

In the Beyond

 Jazz Orchestra, 1 narrator
WP: DYJO 2006


Soprano solo, brass band.2 perc
c. 5 mins

Silver Messenger

Soprano solo, SATB chorus, chamber ensemble (vn, vn,vc,db,a.sax),organ, perc ensemble(8inc.4 timp), wind band. 
c.1 hour
WP. Frances Lynch sop, Confluence ensemble , Dorset youth  percussion and wind band 2001


Chamber ensemble(pic, s.sax, tpt,tbn.tba) percussion ensemble (4 timp, 4 s.drum), wind band.c.7’
WP confluence ensemble, Dorset youth  percussion and wind band 2001


String orchestra

Music Theatre Opera

Freedom, Bread and Peace

Small ensemble (accord,vn,vc,ct,kit,), choir SSAA or SATB, brass quintet, singer, narrators.
c. 1 hour

The Tipping Point Experimental circus piece communicating climate change issues to a family audience. Developed with writer Amanda Boulter and Winchester University.  Trialed Sept. 2009, solar powered Big Top.  Touring 2011. Arts Council funded.
Darwin and the Barnacle

Solo baritone and female cellist. Sound track 
c.1 hour
WP. Dean Robinson, Sophie Harris 2009

Fragility of Flight

Clarinet trio, sound track,
WP. Karen Wimhurst, Neyire Ashworth, Sarah Homer 2007,2008,2009

The Polymaths

Solo baritone, double bass, piano, monochord, children’s choir.
c.1 hour 
WP. WNO youth opera,

Constellations for Wind, Sole and Drwaing Instruments

Experimental fine art/music/dance collaboration with accordionist Karen Tweed, artist Keith McIntyre and dancer, Kerry Fletcher.
c. 1 hour
WP. Baltic Galleries, Newcastle November 2004.  Commissioned by the Sage Gateshead and the PRS foundation.  Album release Dec. 2005.


Music theatre work for solo voice and sound track.
c. 10’
WP. Frances Lynch.   Mexico 2004 Festival International Cervantino.European tour 2005.  Commissioned by the Electric Voice Theatre


Music-theatre piece for sax quartet and Up the Spout (a band made of instruments created from plumbing materials), sound track.
c. 1 hour
WP: 2001, rural tour, Dorset,.Salisbury Festival 2003.  Women’s Hour feature July 2001, Classic FM. Commissioned by Common Ground. 

Dressing the Stone

Soprano, side drum, choir and sound track featuring  sounds from a working mill.
c. 40’
WP: Frances Lynch, Ron Vint Premiere December 1999, Sturminster Mill.  Performances at the Oper festival in Dusseldorf, Maastricht and the Wimborne Festival Autumn 2000. Commissioned by Common Ground.

The Ring

String quartet, singer, mine artist, choir (SATB) trapeze act, synchronised swimmers.
c. 1hour 30’
WP:  Sianed Jones, McFalls Chamber, Big Sky, conductor Sian Croose. Norwich and Norfolk Festival, October 1999. Commissioned by Sea Change.     

A Little Bird Told Me

Full-scale opera based on Peter Pan for Black Dyke Mills Brass Band (revised edition for chamber ensemble)
c. 2 hours
Commissioned by Enterprise Opera

Black Diamonds

Full-scale opera for brass band, male and female voice choirs, children’s choir, jazz orchestra.
c. 2 hours
WP.Grimethorpe Brass Band, the Dearne Valley choir South Yorkshire, South Yorkshire. 1993. Commissioned by English National Opera and Gardengates Production

The Wedding Party

Wind and brass quintet, string orchestra and percussion ensemble. Young people’s ensmble with script by David Sulkin.
c. 1 hour
WP. The Watermill Theatre, Newbury. Commissioned by the Watermill Theatre and Southern arts.

Chamber Pieces

The Arc of Possibility

Solo soprano, brass quintet
WP. Catriona Barr,Onyx Brass Ensemble 2007.


Brass quintet
c. 3’
WP.Crump quintet 2008

Big Heids

Brass quintet

Circus in a Square

String Quartet
c. 12 ‘
WP.McFalls Chamber 2001


String Quartet
c. 12 ‘
WP.McFalls Chamber 2001

Pois Chiches

String Quartet
c. 12 ‘
WP.McFalls Chamber 2001

Here We Are

2 clarinets and piano
c. 4’

Fanfare for a Flourishing Embryo

a.fl, cl, b cl,perc,vib,pno,vln,vc


wind nonet 1 (aft) 2(ca)2(bcl)2(cb) sound
WP.Bournemouth Sinfonietta 1999

Memory Like Shells

String quartet, narrator
WP. Allegri quartet 2010

Knocking On

String Quartet 
WP.McFalls Chamber 2005

Song and Dance Man
(arrangements of Mahler Symphonies)

string quartet, cl(bcl),accord.
WP.Karen Street, Karen Wimhurst,

Grind and Dissolve

WP. Watershed(Wimhurst, Chas Dicke, David Miles) 1999

Falling Down Under

Variable Ensemble
c. 8’
WP. Coma ensemble 2002

Exposed Island

3 ft(aft),guitar
WP. Scottish Flute Trio, guitarist Allan Neave,  poet Pauline Prior Pitt. 2005,2003

Dissolving Islands

ft, aft, ct,vib,vib.

Melbury Springs

cl(bcl),vc,db, tibetan gongs, water bowls, soundtrack 
WP. Watershed(Wimhurst, Dickie, Miles) Frank Perry 2000

He Shall Have Dancing Wherever He Goes

solo pn.
Wimhurst 2008

Reel within Veils

WP. Karen Tweed, Karen Wimhurst

Three Short Pieces





There Are So Few Angles That Sing

A cappella SSAATB
WP.Vocem 1993, 1994

I Have Lived On This Mountain (In Memory Of Greenham)

WP.WNO chorus 2006

Tree Songs childrens choir
Love Fragments

Soprano and piano
WP. Frances Lynch 2004


Baritone(alto) pf, words by Micheal Symmons Roberts
c. 8’
WP.Helen Porter 09

Last Journeys

3 flutes, soprano
c. 10’
WP.Frances Lynch 2003


Alto ,pf, words by Alice Oswald
c. 3’
WP. Helen Porter 2010

The Punt

Soprano, pf,  words by HB Joyce
c. 5’
WP. Sarah Leonard 2002

Choral Works

Blue Pearl

azz orchestra, children’s choir.
c. 20’
Swingbin and the Liners, Pyramid Trust  2000 

We Breathe Trees

SATB, chamber choir (SSAATTBB), children’s choir, 8 piece brass ensemble (4 tpt, 2tmb,btmb,tba) db,pf,perc
c.12(small version without chamber choir);c.20’(extended version)

WP. Plymouth Choral soc. 2009. Bristol Choral Society Dec. 2007
A Letter To The World

SATB words by Emily Dickinson
c.10 (extended 20’)
WP. Plymouth University choir 2006, Bigger Sky  2004

City Songs

Solo singer and solo instrumentalist (variable),childrenschoir, orchestra (2(pic)222/4221/timp,perc,perc/str)
WP Welsh National Opera ,conductor Adrian Partington, 2003,2004,

Winter Psalm

SATB, pf, words by Juliet Wimhurst


SATB,  words by Juliet Wimhurst
c. 3’
Big Sky 1998/2000


SATB,  words by Juliet Wimhurst
c. 3’
Big Sky 1998/2000

Lilli Marlene

Setting for unaccompanied male voice choir
c. 4 mins
WNO 2008

Dragon Pageant

Solo soprano, solo tenor, choir SATB, orchestra (2(pic)222/4221/timp,perc,perc/str)
WP.Bournemouth Sinfonietta and the
Norwich Festival Chorus Premiered October 1994,

Code Electric

Work for electric string quintet, piano and children’s choir Commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.  Premiere Dec 2003.

The Song of the Falling Angel
(In memeory of Lockerbie)

Choir SATB, harp, sax, solo soprano and child soloist. 
WP. Soloists Frances Lynch, Steve Kettly,Mary Ann Kennedy Edinburgh festival chorus,  1991.
STV Broadcast networked December 1991.

Radio and TV Commisions


Experimental voice/music piece commissioned by BBC Radio 4.  Broadcast Jan.2005

Whistling in the Wind Two half-hour experimental radio programmes with oral historian Helen Weinstein.  Broadcast May ’98 and repeated June ’99.  Commissioned by BBC. Radio Four.
Air and Waves String quartets and words; a collaboration  with the young people of Mull
Memory Like Shells

Documentary with Helen Weinstein tracking the compositional collaboration with war veteran Norman Winchester

Song for a Falling Angel

Hour long documentary about the Lockerbie Bombing based around the requiem Song for a Falling Angel

Cauld Blast Orchestra

Karen Wimhurst founded the Cauld Blast in 1990.  Since that time has toured throughout Britain and Europe.  BBC radio 3 broadcasts.  Appearance on the Late Show March1993.  The Jazz Critics Award, Edinburgh Festival 1990. Recordings include two CDs Durga's Feast and Savage Dance and a current album due for release 2003.   The group has itself has received various commissions.
The Stones and the Sea       New work for the Cauld Blast Orchestra. Premiered May 1998 An Tobar Arts Centre, Island Of Mull.  Commissioned by An Tobar and the Highlands Festival.  Scottish Arts Council Award for recording the Commission August 1999.
New Fangled Like An Ape New work for the Cauld Blast Orchestra.  Premiered April 1995 Phoenix Arts Centre Leicester.Queen Elizabeth Hall January 1996. Live broadcast BBC Radio 3 Dec.'96. Commissioned by Phoenix Arts Centre Leicester. 

Apple Journeys Song cycle to celebrate 21st anniversary of Apple Day.  Collaboration with Common Ground with grants from the National Trust and  PRSF. Premieres 2011.  Includes residency at Cecil Sharp House EDFSS with ballad singer Emily Portman.
Freedom, Bread and Peace

Large scale muiltimedia piece looking at the rise and
fall of communism in Russian and Eastern Europe.  Written for small professional ensemble and secondary school pupils. Commissioned by Sound Storm.  Premiere Lighthouse 2011.

Memory Like Shells

Allegri String Quartet and narrator. Guest lecturer and performance of quartet for Wellcome trust conference on War and Memory, Jan 2009. Performance Imperial War Museum with introduction by Martin Bell for Rembrance Sunday. Documentary feature BBC radio 4 10/11/2002. Performance Sarum Orchestra 2006.  Initial commission by Age Concern and the Baylis Programme ENO.

Fanfare Modern Fanfare ‘the Arc of Possibility’ for opening of the Levinsky building, University of Plymouth Premiere November 2007. Onyx Brass Ensemble and soprano.

Launching of new album at ICA London Sept 2007
‘ the most exciting group in Europe today’ Penguin Guide to Jazz ‘06


Composer on music and dance lab Dartington 2005

Zaum Performing with free improvisation group Zaum.  Performing at  London Jazz Festival , Brighton Festival, the Vortex,  Unsafe Festival, Lighthouse, Poole performing with Evan Parker.  New album ‘Above Our Heads the Sky Splits Open’ highly acclaimed in the Wire and Guardian jazz listings, one of the hundred listed best improvisation albums for 2006. ‘the most exciting group in Europe today’ Penguin Guide to jazz ‘06
Cauld Blast Orchestra

Edinburgh Festival Queens Hall and other Scottish venues. Recording new album. Summer 2003 .

Carmen Project

Silent movie sound track for Vocem (electric voice theatre) and prepared piano.  Ongoing work supported by Battersea Arts Centre and ENO Opera Studio.

Tom Bancroft Big Band

Performing with the Tom Bancroft jazz
orchestra. British Tour January 1996

Flights of Fancy Multimedia work for Manchester airport. Composer in Residence at the Royal Northern College of Music June 1995 Commissioned by Opera North.